"Don't create the moment. Capture it."

Behind the Lens

Hey there! My name is Ashton, your photographer! I was born and raised in beautiful Bozeman. Even though its winters are too long, I love its beautiful, mountainous backdrops and down to earth community.  I am a wifey to my best friend in the whole world, Luke, who constantly inspires me and pushes me towards pursuing my passions, photography being one of them! We really are an old couple at heart; we love to play strategy board games together, go to bed early, read, go on scenic drives, and do anything that involves water! 

In November 2017, my daughter Elodie was born. The first thing I said when I saw her was, "She's perfect." She really is. I am a puddle of squeeky, baby talkin' mush around her... it's bad and I can't help it. Becoming a mother has been quite the adventure, which I love to write about it in my mama blog, which you can read here.

Whether it's art, writing, music, a DIY project, I love express myself creatively. Creating constantly changes my perspective and inspires new ways of seeing and thinking about things.  I graduated Montana State University in May 2017 with a degree in English and I am thankful that my photography hobby transformed into a career. I look forward to the adventure it leads!

  1. College, I loved you, but I will not miss you!
    College, I loved you, but I will not miss you!
  2. Elodie Rae - My sweet little human!
    Elodie Rae - My sweet little human!
  3. The day I said "I do" to my best friend
    The day I said "I do" to my best friend

The Story of 
 "Just a girl with a camera"

 I stared at its many black buttons. I admired them, but they were also intimidating. My camera was a foreign language to me. "This is Ashton, our wedding photographer," the bride introduced. One of the groomsmen, with his fancy film and photography degree, looked at me smugly, "Are you an actual photographer? Or just a girl with a camera?" As rude as he was, he was right. At that moment, I was just a girl who bought a camera from Costco. I did photoshoots with my friends for fun and was eventually asked to do a friend's wedding.  It's truly amazing that my pictures from that wedding turned out okay-ish (okay-ish meaning I was asked to do more weddings!) because I honestly wasn't an actual photographer yet. I was just an artist who solely relied on the "Auto" setting on my camera. 

To be fair, I never intentionally tried to become a photographer. It honestly was occupation that fell into my lap as soon as I bought my first camera. By my fourth wedding, I realized that maybe I should invest the time and energy into becoming an "actual" photographer. I took several classes at Montana State University and the more I learned, the more passionate I became about photography. The quality of my photos drastically improved, as did my understanding of what it means to be a photographer. Photography is so much more than owning a fancy camera. It is the creative relationship between an artist and her camera.  Photography provides us with the unique opportunity to see something through someone else's perspective. That perspective tells a story, pserves a memory, and holds onto a moment, otherwise lost.

Even though I have a collection of mediocre photos with cringe-worthy edits (seriously, there are some terrible ones!!), my story of becoming a photographer is one that taught me the value of continually growing and improving my craft. I am constantly playing around with storytelling and trying new themes, angles, styles, and photoshoot ideas. My goal as a photographer is to make every photo I take  stand out in the vast sea of photographs. I want to deliver photographs that tell a special story, make someone see something in a different way, and treasure and celebrate special moments. 
"Ashton has done an amazing job with all of our photo shoots. She is a very talented photographer that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful during the shoot. She is also quick to get your completed photos back to you. I'd recommend her for any of your photography needs! Our family will definietly continue to go to her!" - Emily Allsop

"I have said it before and I will say it again, Ashton is a rare breed of photographer. Want to know why? In a world where photographers seem to only care about getting pinterest worthy photos, Ashton specializes in capturing beautiful life moments that her clients can cherish them forever." -Jessica Pilch

"Ashton was very personable and pleasure to work with. She had a great eye for rustic and natural backdrops, which is what I requested. Will use her for future projects. I highly recommend her!" -Robin Gurzi

"Ashton did an incredible job on my daughter's senior portraits. Quality and creativity on one package!" -Joe Todd

"Ashton is an amazing photographer. I tagged along on her photo shoot for my little sister's graduation photos, and she was so good at putting her subject at ease, capturing the moments of laughter and personality. Her skill at finding locations that allow for breathtaking photos is marvelous. " -Kayli Krohn

"She did my senior photos! She made me laugh and respected my requests. In the end, my pictures looked authentic and I felt beautiful! I recommend her for anyone looking for a photographer!" -Christina Denny

"Ashton did a fantastic job taking my senior pictures! Highly recommend her! They turned out phenomenally great!" -Kami Campbell