"Don't create the moment. Capture it."
portrait projects

As a photographer, I always want to be trying new things and learning new ways to photograph. This page displays a few of the "just for fun" projects that I've done. Please contact me if you would like to collaborate on a project!

Paint & Glitter Shoot

"Close your eyes!" I warned, before paint and glitter danced through the air and somehow, created a magical design on the face of my model. My favorite part of this shoot was the fact that I really didn't know how it would turn out. I came with the expectation that it may turn out really awkward or really awesome. When you are flinging paint and glitter on someone's face, (which is loads of fun, btw.) you really have no clue how the mixture will look. Once it was on, we didn't touch it and if you look closely, it's not perfect. I got paint in the model's hair, some spots are more globby than others, and there is no order to its madness. And that's why I love how it turned out. It's easy to try to capture the perfection of each photograph; we have to make sure that every hair is in place, that the lighting is hitting the model just right, and to remove any wrinkles in the clothes. Sometimes, it's fun to capture the lack of perfection and order and photograph its beauty. Isn't that the reality of life? Try to find beauty in the choas and messy parts of our lives and treasure that. If you want to see more pictures of Alyssa during here Senior session, you can view below.
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Spring Maternity Shoot

After Montana's eternal winters (especially this year's!), I crave Spring like it's bacon. The trees start to bloom, the flowers bud, birds sing, and I finally can pull out my chacos. I wanted to capture Spring because in Montana, we maybe get about two or three weeks of it, which is not enough time to truly experience and appreciate its beauty. I love how it represents new life and fresh beginnings. After our dark times and cold pasts, we can emerge out of our difficult seasons with a new perspective of life and share color with our world. I designed this photoshoot to reflect that. The model is bringing new life into the world which fit perfectly into that concept. I must give credit to some amazing ladies who helped create this shoot and captured my theme brilliantly. To see the vendors, view below. 
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